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Date night with your spouse is one of the most important things you can do to cultivate your marriage. So what happens when it’s time for date night and you don’t have any date night ideas? It’s been a crazy week and you forgot to plan your date night. Friday night is here, the babysitter is at the door, and you still don’t know what to do or where to go. Make this cute “date night in a jar” project and never run out of new ideas for spending fun quality time with your husband.

If you aren’t intentional about spending time together, it may not happen.

Date night doesn’t always have to be lavish, expensive, or planned to perfection. Some of my favorite date nights have been times when we choose to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. Whether you choose to have a date night once a week or once a month, making time for one another is the most important thing.

This date night in a jar idea is simple to make and can be used whenever you have free time to spend together. Choose your favorite date night ideas, or incorporate new ones you want to give try. Customize your date night in jar project by color coordinating your date options, adding embellishments, or making a particular jar for a special occasion. Below, I list the basic steps to create a simple and easy “date night in a jar”.

Simple DIY “Date Night in a Jar”

You will need:

  • a jar (any size will do)
  • markers
  • popsicle sticks, post-it notes, or index cards
date night in a jar diy project for married couples
  1. Choose a jar or any size. (I used an empty salsa jar)
  2. Decorate your jar.
  3. Use your markers to write one date night idea on each popsicle stick or post-it note.
  4. Put your popsicle sticks or post-it notes in the jar.
  5. Choose one idea to participate in for date night.
  6. Put the jar away, and use it again next week!
date night in a jar diy project for married couples
date night in a jar diy project for married couples

Need date night ideas to add to your date night jar? Check out 50 of my favorite no-hassle date night ideas!

50 No-Hassle Date Night Ideas

  1. Go on a picnic.
  2. Go to the movie theatre.
  3. Stay at home and watch a movie.
  4. Build an ice-cream sundae and share it.
  5. Take a bicycle ride.
  6. Go on a long walk.
  7. Play a board game.
  8. Look at old photographs.
  9. Make dinner together.
  10. Create a photo book.
  11. Read to one another.
  12. Relax and ask one another questions.
  13. Play video games.
  14. Watch the stars.
  15. Camp indoors.
  16. Camp outdoors.
  17. Play “Would You Rather”
  18. Talk about your future together.
  19. Do a puzzle.
  20. Play a card game.
  21. Window shop at the mall.
  22. Go to an arcade.
  23. Visit a local museum.
  24. Play frisbee in the park.
  25. Go to the local zoo.
  26. Bake cookies together.
  27. Go to the book store.
  28. Attend a class or workshop.
  29. Dance.
  30. Get a couple’s massage.
  31. Play karaoke.
  32. Check out a local festival.
  33. Go to a concert.
  34. Go bowling.
  35. Go ice skating.
  36. Try a new restaurant.
  37. Drive to a nearby town.
  38. Explore your own town.
  39. Take a Sip & Paint class.
  40. Go to the beach.
  41. Watch the sunset.
  42. Visit the farmer’s market.
  43. Complete a crossword puzzle.
  44. Paint each other’s portraits.
  45. Go roller skating.
  46. Take a craft class.
  47. Play “Truth or Dare”
  48. Binge watch a new TV show.
  49. Paint a room in your house.
  50. Watch airplanes at the airport.
Make this cute "date night in a jar" project and never run out of new ideas for spending fun quality time with your husband.
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