52 Book Challenge: How to Read 52 Books in a Year

Join me as I challenge myself to read one book per week for an entire year.

I began the 52 Book Challenge in the summer of 2016 when I realized I wasn’t reading as much as I used to. Like many bibliophiles, I have been a lover of books since I was a young girl. I have always enjoyed a good story – yet it had been months since the last time I’d read a book. I quickly realized that social media, television, and the internet were getting all of my free time. Although entertaining, I wasn’t benefitting from spending hours in front of a screen.

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I decided to challenge myself to read more. I went to the library, picked up a book that looked interesting, and read it within 2 days. The next day, I went back and got another book and read that book in a week. Before I knew it, all of my free time was spent getting lost in a good book.

After 2 years of reading one book a week, I wanted to share my journey and encourage others to do the same. If you love to read or want to start reading more, this challenge is for you. 

This challenge will:

  • push you out of your comfort zone
  • challenge you to learn and grow
  • help encourage you to read more than you normally do

Does this challenge sound like a big commitment? Good! You will thank yourself when you begin to realize all of the added benefits you gain from adding daily reading into your schedule.

You don’t have to start on January 1st, you can start today! Your challenge will end exactly 52 weeks from the day you begin.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a book to read.
  2. Flip to the back of the book and find out how many pages are in the book.
  3. Divide the number of pages in the book by 7 days. (That’s how many pages you have to commit to reading each day to complete the book within a week.)
  4. When you complete a book, write down the Title, Author, and date you completed the book.
  5. Begin reading another book.
  6. Repeat.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Read one book per week for 52 weeks.
  2. Read at least once a day to help reach your goal.

FAQ about the challenge:

Who can participate in the 52 Book Challenge?

Everyone of all ages can participate.

Is there a specific type of book I should read?

No book is too big or too small. Read books that you find interesting.

Can I read more than one book per week?


How can I share what I read with you?

Tag #Victorias52BookChallenge on social media, or email me at hello@sincerelyvictoriat.com

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