As mothers, the words we say have the power to emotionally build up or tear down our children. From birth to adulthood, your son will always need your love and prayers (whether he knows it or not). As a woman, we cannot give our sons what a father can, but instead, we can raise our boys with strength and integrity to show them what a Godly example looks like. Encouraging words spoken to him daily can help to strengthen your mother-son relationship and help influence the man he becomes in the future.

Speak to your son with kindness and wisdom – for what he believes about himself is what he will become.

When raising a son, encouraging words spoken by his mother helps to influence:

  • how he sees himself
  • his behavior
  • the type of man he will become in the future
  • how he will interact with other women

 Each day, I intentionally make time to have conversations with my kids. When my son comes home from school, I ask questions like:

  • How was our day?
  • How are you feeling?
  • What did you learn today in _________ class?
  • How is your friend (insert friend’s name here)?

Your words as his mother have the power to shape his future.

By asking these questions and engaging in personal conversations with him each day, I am verbally showing him that I care about him and all that he is involved in. I ask the questions that I would want someone to ask me, and I give honest responses when he has questions for me in return. Through conversations each day, we are building our relationship. One day when he becomes a teenager, he may not want to talk to me as much – but he will always know that I do love and care for him.

Here is a list of phrases other than “I Love You” that I like to say to my son on a consistent basis.

For a printable version of this poster, click here.


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