50 Encouraging Things to Say to Your Daughter Each Day

50 Encouraging Things to Say to Your Daughter Each Day

As mothers, the words we say have the power to emotionally build up or tear down our children. We must be intentional about the things we say to and about our daughters. Because God has designed women to be strong and emotional creatures, we can relate to what our daughters need physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Just as you want to hear encouraging words from those around you, she also needs to hear encouraging words that will help encourage her. Use your influence with your daughter as a chance and an opportunity to help guide her to be a strong, confident, young woman.

Speak to your daughter as if she is your most valuable asset – for what she believes about herself is what she will become.

My daughter is just like me in so many ways and she is constantly watching everything I say and do. Because she looks up to me, I am very conscious of my interactions with her. Every word I say to her has the power to influence:

  • how she sees herself
  • her behavior
  • how she interacts with other women
  • her view of her future

Each day, I intentionally make time to have conversations with my kids. When my daughter comes home from school, she likes to share every detail of her day from what she had for lunch, to what color bow her best friend wore in her hair. Instead of ignoring her, I sit down and engage in conversation. I say things like:

  • I missed you today!
  • I’m glad you had such an awesome day!
  • What did you learn today in _________ class?
  • What did you and (insert friend’s name here) do today?

Your words as her mother have the power to shape her future.

By asking in personal conversations with her each day, I am verbally showing her that I care about her and all that he is involved in. I ask the questions that I would want someone to ask me, and I give honest responses when she has questions for me in return. Through conversations each day, we are building a strong relationship. One day when she becomes a teenager, she may not want to talk to me as much – but she will always know that I do love and care for her.

Here is a list of phrases other than “I Love You” that I like to say to my daughter on a consistent basis.

For a printable version of this poster, click here.


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