THE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Create a Plan to Launch Your Online Business


This easy to follow step-by-step guide is perfect for anyone who may be considering starting an online business and learning to create an income from selling products or services online. This fundamental guide teaches what you will need to establish the foundation of your online business. With full-color pages, this guide and workbook are practical and pretty.

In this 55-page guide you will find:

-What it means to be an online entrepreneur

-Understanding the purpose of starting your online business

-Creating your business plan

-Understanding your clients and customers

-How to set goals and plans for your online business to succeed

-Choosing products and services to sell

-Developing a clear foundation for your business

-Top websites and online marketplaces to sell your products

-How to choose a name for your business

-Developing your brand

-Choosing a logo for your business

-How to choose colors that fit your business and brand

…and more!

The workbook section includes:

-An Entrepreneur Assessment Test (analyze if you are ready to start a business)

-Business Goal Planner

-Ideal Customer Worksheet

-Developing Your Brand Worksheet

-Product and Services Planner

…and more!

Have you ever wanted to start a business and make money online, but didn’t know where to begin?

When you log onto the Internet and social media, you see so many people making money online as graphic designers, bloggers, coaches, consultants, make-up artists, writers, brand representatives…and the list goes on. The people you follow say you can make money online too, but there is no clear path to what you need to do to get started. You hear of the success stories and you see the pictures, but no one is giving practical answers of what to do and how-to do it. These entrepreneurs are selling you their e-books and e-courses for hundreds of dollars, but when the book has ended and the class is over, you still don’t know where to begin.

Because you can’t seem to find the answers, you assume that you can’t do it, and continue on with the normal routines of your day. But something in your heart is tugging at you to pursue something more.

I’ve been there done that. It’s frustrating when bills need to get paid and time is slipping away while you try to figure out the next step to take. So many women want to start their own businesses but sometimes life gets in the way of pursuing those dreams.

Imagine if you could set your own hours, determine your value, and get paid for sharing the things that you love to do with the world? That’s the life of an online business owner. You do the work, and you are in total and complete control.

I did it, and thousands of other wives and mothers are starting everyday…so what are you waiting for? I will walk you through the steps to create a profitable online business from scratch.

Get a taste of entrepreneurship and find out what it takes to run an online business and build an online brand. By the end of this book, you will be able to determine if you want to get involved and invest more time and money in starting your own online company.

Half e-book and half workbook, THE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT will jumpstart your brainstorming process towards launching a profitable online business.


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