Do’s and Don’ts for Makeup Beginners

Do’s and Don’ts for Makeup Beginners

Do's and Don'ts for Makeup BeginnersAs a little girl, I loved to watch my mom prepare to leave the house. Her hair was always done nicely, her clothes were always put together, and she taught my sister and me how to look nice too. Over the years, she taught me some of her best beauty tips, most of them I still use today.

As a teenager, I worked at a drugstore and had first-hand access to all of the newest cosmetic products as they were shipped to the store. As I stocked the shelves, I admired all of the colorful products that came in weekly. After a while, I started purchasing more and more makeup until I had a small collection of my own. Even though I had all of the best makeup products, the best part about it all was spending hours trying to figure out what each product was for and how to apply it to my face.

When I first began wearing cosmetics, everything I learned was by trial and error. My mom liked to wear light natural makeup looks, while I preferred (and still do) a more dramatic look with lots of bold colors and glitter. YouTube wasn’t big like it is today, and there were very few Black Youtubers teaching tutorials for makeup looks.

Because I didn’t know much about the application process, I taught myself. I would grab my supply of hundreds of beauty products and brushes, and get in the mirror and practice. That’s how you get good at something…you practice as much as you can. Sometimes I looked great, other times I didn’t. That’s what being a beginner is all about. Every day I would practice creating a new look until I started to get the hang of it.

You have to be careful when applying makeup. A little goes a long way and too much is…well, too much.

Years later after I got married, my husband and his best friend would tease me because it would take me so long to get ready to go. If they wanted to make plans, they would have to tell me hours in advance because I would spend three to four hours in the mirror trying to perfect my eyeliner and mascara. Fast forward nine years and three babies later, I can put on a full face of makeup in twenty minutes or less.

Now that I have kids I don’t wear makeup daily, but I do still apply makeup looks often. Whenever I feel like wearing glitter shadow I wear it regardless of the occasion. If I feel like wearing long dramatic eyelashes, I do it. And I always wear waterproof mascara to church because Jesus always makes me cry. I love the process of experimenting with colors and creating new looks – and that will never change.

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty.

After many years of practicing and finally getting it right, here are my Top Do’s and Don’ts to follow when it comes to wearing makeup.


…take your makeup off every night.

…clean your brushes with a mild shampoo or brush cleaner.

…replace makeup sponges regularly.

…practice good skin care.

…wear foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone.

…switch your cosmetics with the seasons. Use waterproof products in the spring and summer to prevent your makeup from melting away. Also, your complexion changes in the warmer months, so be sure to match your foundations and concealers accordingly.

…test and try on makeup colors. Test foundation colors on your jawline before applying to your whole face, and test lipstick colors on your lips using a makeup brush.

…blend your foundation and powder down your neck. You don’t want your face to be a different color than the rest of your body.

…pay close attention to your makeup expiration dates. Applying old products to your face could cause skin irritation or breakouts. Click here to learn How to Check Expiration Dates of Your Makeup.


…break the bank purchasing products! There are a lot of great products at Walmart, Target, or your local drugstore.

…forget about the care of your skin. A nice application always looks better on healthy skin.

…share lip products.

…apply your makeup to dry or peeling skin.

…overpowder your face. You don’t want your skin to look cakey or blotchy.

…use a dark lip liner. Instead, use a lip liner that is similar to your lip color.

…apply too much mascara. You don’t want “clumped up” spider lashes.

…apply matte lipstick on dry or cracked lips. Add a thin layer of chapstick first.

What are some of your best beauty tips? Share in the comments below.




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