5 Toys That Will Keep Your Baby Busy While You Work

5 Toys That Will Keep Your Baby Busy While You Work

From the moment your baby is born, he or she immediately demands your attention. By the time they are 6 months old, their little brains need to be stimulated at all times.

As they get older and start to move and squirm around, it becomes harder to get them to stay still or quiet. My little guy is 6 months old and won’t allow me to leave his sight. He cries when I leave the room, and loves for me to hold him. Although I do love the cuddle time, it’s getting harder for me to get things done while trying to keep him occupied.

 If your baby is anything like mine, you need a way to help keep your little one busy during the day. Whether you need to cook, clean, work on a project, or you just need a moment of peace, I have a few baby items that may help.

Here are 5 toys help keep my little one busy while I get things done during the day:

1. Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

The Infantino Activity Gym and Ball Pit is my absolute favorite baby toy of all time. Of all the baby toys my three kids have had – this is hands-down the most interesting one. Your baby can use this toy from birth and enjoy it until he or she can no longer fit inside. From bright colors to teethers and balls, this toy has everything your baby will need to stay occupied.

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker became my little guy’s favorite toy around 4 months old when he gained control of his hands and learned to touch and feel. Because the activity panel detaches, your baby can lay, sit, or stand while playing. The colorful lights and fun songs and sounds keep my baby busy long enough for me to be able to complete a task or two.

3. Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle

Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle

This Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle is a pretty cool toy. I love everything that the Oball brand makes; their toys are made of thick indestructible plastic. The Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle is pretty cool because it is big, easy to grasp, and makes soothing rainstick sounds as baby plays. Our baby started gravitating towards this toy after he turned 6 months old.

4. Oball Rattle & Roll Cars

Oball Rattle & Roll Cars

Like the rainstick rattle, the Oball Rattle & Roll Cars are easy to grasp and make rattle noises as the baby plays. However, unlike the rainstick rattle, the rattle & roll cars are small enough for baby to carry with him in the car, in a shopping cart, or at church. My little guy loves playing with a chewing on these. The Oball rattles are perfect for babies of any age.

5. Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center

Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center

My son absolutely LOVES his sit and stand activity center. The original exersaucer I purchased for him (made by Graco) was recalled, so I recommend this one. Because my little man could sit inside and play, he would play for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted. Each time we arrive home, the first things he wants to play with is his activity center. He began using the activity center at 4 months old as a supported sitter. By the time he turned 6 months old, his legs were so strong from standing in the activity center that he is now able to stand up if he is holding onto something.  The Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center is a great toy for the active baby.

What toys does your little one love most? Share with us in the comments below. 


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