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On Twitter, a girl I follow shared a picture of the Valentine’s Day gift box she put together for her boyfriend. Inside the gift box were chocolate candy bars, a pair of Valentine’s Day boxers with matching socks, and a beer. Directly under her picture, a random guy tweeted back, “nobody wants that cheap gift!” and the tweet went viral with 70K likes from other guys. 😂🤣😂 To avoid your man feeling this way about your gift, consider Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he will actually like.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, ladies like to give the things we like to receive, such as chocolates and products with hearts all over it. ❤️ However, your man may not want a cute box of chocolates with a teddy bear attached to it. Before buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him, take a moment and think about your guy. To be thoughtful about the gift you give, stop and consider his specific interests. The best gifts given are the ones based on the likes, desires, and personality of the recipient. Ask yourself:

  • What does he like to do?
  • Where does he like to go?
  • What does he like to wear?
  • Is there something he really wants but would never buy for himself?
  • When is the last time he got to do something for himself?

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If you are stumped and need Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your man, I’ve got you covered. From the sports lover to the GQ gentleman, my favorite gifts for guys list has lots of ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day shopping a little easier.

Before buying gifts for him, take a moment and think about your man. To give a thoughtful gift, consider his likes and interests and start there. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (That He Actually Wants!)

1. Jewelry

Women aren’t the only ones who want bling for Valentine’s Day. If your guy is fashionable and likes looking good, jewelry may be a nice option for him. Look at his favorite jewelry pieces and buy something the matches or coordinates with his current style. Here are a few nice pieces he may like:

2. Sneakers

Is your guy a sneaker lover? If so, what is his favorite brand of sneakers? Google the newest shoe that just released from his favorite brand, and buy that one – he’ll love it! You want to be sure to buy the right size shoe, so make sure to double-check his size before you buy. If you don’t know what type of sneakers to buy, consider buying a gift card to his favorite shoe store instead.

3. Gym Related Gear and Equipment

If your guy loves to workout, buy him new gym gear to make him happy! From workout clothes to weight sets and equipment, the options are endless. Here are a few workout-related options to gift your man:

4. Electronics

If you want to buy a nice gift for Valentin’s Day but don’t know exactly what to buy or where to start, gift electronics! You can never go wrong with a nice gadget or device. Thanks to technology, there are thousands of different types of gadgets and devices – I’m sure you can find at least one that fits into your guy’s lifestyle. Here are a few popular electronics with men:

5. Grooming Products

Manscaping and grooming are becoming more and more popular with all the new products that are now available specifically for men. Men are embracing healthy hygiene and professional skincare like never before. If you have a well-groomed gentleman, consider gifting him a few products like these to add to his grooming routine:

6. Tickets to See His Favorite Sports Team

If your guy is a sports buff, this may be the perfect gift for him. Even if the game is months away, receiving the tickets on Valentine’s Day will be enough to put a huge smile on his face.

7. Plan a Weekend Getaway

If you and your husband have a special place that you both love and enjoy, make plans to visit your special location as a surprise to him for Valentine’s day. Hire the baby sitter, make the travel arrangements, and surprise him with a trip away from reality for the weekend.

8. Dinner and Dessert

If your guy is a foodie, this may be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him to receive. Make reservations at the nicest restaurant in town, and plan a date night for the two of you. Follow up dinner with a delicious dessert to end the night.

9. Movie Tickets

My husband is a big moviegoer. Whenever a new movie comes out, he is there opening night. For movie buffs like mine, a gift card to his favorite movie theatre would be a thoughtful gift to give him.

10. Travel Gear

If your guy is always on-the-go, you may consider buying things that will help him to travel with ease.

11. Something Sentimental

My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years, and at this point, we have made many memories together. We have endless “inside jokes” that he and I still cherish, and those memorable moments are what makes our relationship so special. Do you and your man have a particular moment or memory that you share? Find a gift that highlights your special time together.

12. A Gag Gift

Laughter is the best medicine, and can also be the greatest gift! If your guy likes to laugh and joke around, a fun gift that makes him laugh may be a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift. Here are a few fun gifts he may like:

13. Cookbooks and Food Seasonings

If your guy loves to cook or grill, a cookbook is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Check out these great cookbooks for guys:

14. Self-Care Items

Your man is a hard-worker and he deserves time to relax and rest. For Valentine’s Day, gift him an item that he can use to indulge in personal self-care time. Here are a few of our relaxation favorites:

I hope these gift ideas help!

Before buying gifts for him, take a moment and think about your man. To give a thoughtful gift, consider his likes and interests and start there. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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